Make Unique Impact on International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, your organisation has the opportunity to take a leading role and do things differently.

International Women's Day is a chance to celebrate women's progress and highlight achievements in social inclusion. Building on that momentum, your organisation can go one step further and turn awareness into action by making further commitments for positive change.

Demonstrate Visible Leadership on Gender Equality

In taking time out to reflect on gender inequality, your executive team proves that it is the most important thing on the agenda. 

In many organisations, the HR department is responsible for workplace policies on diversity and inclusion. 3:30 Project asks your executive team to actively drive change from the top and demonstrate support for building a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

Actively Shape Your Organisation's Social License

By agreeing on tangible actions to increase gender equality, your organisation is going beyond tokenism.

To maintain a social license to operate, organisations must take a leading role in shaping an environment that reflects the values of the people and communities they serve. Taking practical action on International Women's Day means that rather than simply being part of a celebration, your organisation can be part of the solution.

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