The 3:30 Project was inspired by women in Iceland who, in 2016, left work at 2.38pm to protest the gender pay gap.

It was a powerful statement that drew attention to gender inequality across the globe.

But to tackle gender inequality, Australia needs more than an awareness campaign.

3:30 Project turns awareness into action.

International Women’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for women to reflect on and celebrate their progress. But it also highlights how much work there is remaining.

3:30 Project provides an opportunity to reflect on gender inequality and take 1.5 hours out of normal work duties to proactively address the problem.


3:30 Project broadens the conversation on International Women’s Day so that men and women can participate and take equal responsibility for creating a gender equal world.


Hannah Bretherton


The 3:30 Project was founded by Hannah Bretherton in March 2018.

Hannah is a policy professional who is passionate about gender equality. She has worked as a policy advisor in government, universities and think tanks, helping to solve complex social and economic policy problems.


Hannah launched the 3:30 Project after going to one too many International Women’s Day breakfast panel events where women talked about the challenges facing women to a room full of – yep, you guessed it – women.

Contact: hannah.bretherton@330project.com.au 

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